We are often asked why we choose to work with pure silks only?

The reasons are many fold and quite simply put-

  • Silks have an unparallel hand-feel, luster and fall, making them the last word in luxury since ancient times.
  • Unlike other natural fibers like cotton and linen, silks have a very low environmental impact and use a fraction of the natural resources needed to cultivate conventional fibers.
  • Our silk are sourced from fully certified and sustainably managed Indian silk mills.
  • All are silks are dyed, printed and processed to an exacting standard with eco-certified dyes and methods and can be washed at home!! No dry cleaning needed!!
  • Silk is a fabric for all seasons!! We use light as air silk crepes and chiffons for summer and transition to heavier fabrics like silk twill for the winters.
  • We want to change the mindset that silks are bulky, tough to maintain and only suitable for occasion wear. Our high-performance sustainable silks are robust fabrics meant for everyday day living that can transition to occasion wear with equal ease